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Cameron's Story

Cameron is the young man whose story Cam Can is founded on. He is the ‘Cam’ of ‘Cam Can’! Despite years of hearing “Cam can’t”, Cameron has repeatedly proven that “Cam can”!

Cameron was born with what is traditionally termed a “profound intellectual disability”.  At Cam Can, we choose not to focus on labels like this, as we believe they create an unhelpful mindset in achieving personal goals. In spite of Cameron’s challenges, he has successfully risen above what the system had planned for him.  Cameron is now a proud business owner and operator. He lives in his own home and enjoys a life where he is valued for what he contributes. As a result of his innovative and creative support arrangements, Cameron is surrounded by friends and lives a fulfilling life in the community.

We are proud of what Cameron, and so many others, have achieved, and hope we can support you to achieve similar outcomes.


Cameron's Story

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