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Your Responsibilities 

We ask Members and their family/friends to agree to the following:


Let us know how you would like services and supports


Talk to your Cam Can Coordinator if you are concerned about any support provided.


Give the Cam Can Coordinator adequate notice if a service needs to be cancelled or rescheduled (Cam Can adopts the NDIS short notice cancellation policy).


Let Cam Can know immediately if your NDIS funding ceases, is suspended, or is replaced by a new funding

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Treat our staff with courtesy and Like our Members, they are very important to us.


Work with us to ensure support is provided in a safe This is important for you, your family/friends, and our staff. If we have concerns, we have a duty to raise any issues to ensure we provide services in a safe environment for everyone.


Partner with us to use the expertise of allied health professionals to help identify safe ways to provide supports, when these are listed in your NDIS


Advise us of any practices which are not in the interests of the Member, Cam Can and/or the NDIS. This may include, but is not limited to, unsafe, unlawful and/or concerning practices and behaviours relating to services, support and funding.

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