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Our Responsibilities

Cam Can aims to develop a productive working relationship with Members and their family/friends.  We will communicate with you directly, and all key decisions will be made together. 

We also commit to:


Outline services within the Agreement.


Talk to you about how we best communicate with each other, including contact frequency, responsiveness, what to contact about, to whom and when.


Be responsive to your questions, responding to phone calls, e-mails and texts within 1 business day. If the matter is urgent, a phone call is suggested, as well as a text.



Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


Comply with legal obligations, including duty of care and the disclosure of certain information.


Meet once a month, or as agreed. Meetings may be more frequent if this is important to you.


Provide you with information on how to give us feedback, including compliments and complaints. At Cam Can, we believe both are an opportunity to continuously improve our services. We commit to listen, and strive to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

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