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Our Board

The Board of Cam Can Incorporated comprises seven people who have been elected by Members to jointly oversee Cam Can’s activities. Each Board member brings a broad range of outside experience and perspective. 

Our Board members are:


Mike Sayer, Chairperson – Michael (Mike) Sayer has been involved with Cam Can since its inception in 2011.  With his extensive Board and governance experience, Mike was appointed as Cam Can’s Board Chairperson in 2019.   Mike has been involved with disability services and estate planning for people with disability for over 20 years.  As an Estate Succession Adviser, Mike holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Management, a Diploma in Financial Services, and is a FAIM member.  With an avid interest in leadership, Mike has introduced techniques into Cam Can’s leadership team which has significantly improved organisational communication and engagement.  Mike also enjoys rugby union and nautical history. 


Anthea Lema, Secretary – Anthea is Cameron’s Mum and, along with Marc, is Cam Can’s founder.  She is also Cam Can’s Board Secretary.  With a background in IT, communications and administration, Anthea also provides unique life experience to keep Cam Can focussed on the things most important to people.  Having felt the pain of isolation, hurt and rejection, Anthea also learned strength can be drawn from people.  Anthea is a strong believer in community and the richness of natural supports in a person’s life.  Anthea’s expectations of providing support to Members are extremely high and, due to her lived experience, are never compromised.  On the home front, Anthea enjoys exercise, swimming, cycling, canoeing, walking, BBQ’s in the park, chilling with family and friends, and when time allows, being creative in the kitchen.


Claude Mancini – As a Certified Practising Accountant, Claudio (Claude) Mancini holds the position of Board Treasurer.  Involved with Cam Can since it was founded in 2011, Claude held the position of Chairperson from 2013 through to 2019.  Claude has an excellent history and understanding of Cam Can’s finances, and guides the Board on financial planning and compliance issues.  Claude maintains a keen interest in disability issues, and the impact of sector decisions on Cam Can.  When Claude is not ‘counting beans’, he enjoys boating, walking and spending time with his beloved grandchildren.


Angus Wright – Angus has also been involved with the Board since 2011.  As an Improvement Professional, Angus brings a broad spectrum of skill and expertise in continuous improvement, process transformation, change management and training.  Angus holds a Certificate IV Training and Assessment, an Advanced Diploma in Business Improvement Leadership, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Engineering and Technology (Mechanical, Electrical and Business Management). Originally from Scotland, Angus continues to enjoy his heritage.  Married to Elea (Italian descent), his interests are food, food, food, wine, beer and good times with family and friends.


Paul Leeper – Prior to retiring, Paul was the Training Manager at Hewlett Packard in Melbourne.  Paul’s contribution to the board since 2014 has been invaluable, providing an insightful Member perspective.  He keeps Board members grounded in the organisation’s values and principles and assists Board members in connecting context to purpose in the work they all do. Paul has extensive interests.  He enjoys travelling, music, windsurfing, dance, yoga and generally anything supporting his good health, wellbeing and happiness.


Bridget Scott -  Bridget began supporting people with disability as a fresh-faced Occupational Therapist in 1990, working in then-typical large institutions.  This ‘eye opener’ was the beginning of Bridget’s career where she supported people with disabilities to have the same human and community rights as others, and to shape the disability sector.  After being a Local Area Coordinator for the Disability Services Commission, Bridget joined Cam Can in 2012 as a Coordinator, excited to support people to live lives of their own design. Bridget is passionate about sharing her vision, and furthered it by moving into a training role in 2017.  Bridget ‘left’ Cam Can in 2022 to continue her learning journey, but continues supporting Cam Can with behaviour support/restrictive practice advice, and as a Board member.


Gavin Ingram – As the Founder of Ingram Developments, and with 27 years of experience in the building industry, Gavin is a registered builder and holds a Diploma of Project Management.  Joining the Board in 2011, Gavin has assisted to design and build purpose-built homes and bring to the Board knowledge and experience with all aspects of running a business and managing staff.   Born in England, Gavin enjoys following the Chelsea Football Club, and spending time with family, friends and his beloved grandchildren.


Cameron Dixon – As a Human Resource Coordinator at Housing Choices WA, and holding a Bachelor of Human Resource Management, Cameron has a thorough understanding of HR practise in the disability support sector and is able to provide useful HR information to the Board when needed. As a previous Support Worker to Cameron Whitelaw – the “Cam” in Cam Can – Cameron also brings to the Board a Support Worker perspective.  Since joining the Board in 2011, Cameron and his wife Emily (ex-Board member and Secretary of Cam Can Inc.) have remained friends with Cameron W and his family. Aside from work, Cameron enjoys his two young children, boating, permaculture, sustainable gardening and having fun with family and friends.

Marc Lema supports the Board as Cam Can’s Chief Executive Officer.

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